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Free Copy of
Hends Products'
Book/DVD from the
Czech Republic
(a $39.95 value)
with orders over $100
(limit one copy to a customer)

This second, English edition was written by Jaromir Karafiat and Miroslav Machacek, two exceptional fly tiers and anglers from the Czech Republic. The work includes 150+ pages of step-by-step fly tying instructions and photo galleries of Mayfly and Caddis Dry Fly patterns, Czech Nymphs, Wet Flies, Beadhead and Jig Nymphs, Tungsten Thorax Nymphs, Bloodworms, Buzzers (Chironomids), Fry Flies, and Streamers. It is truly one of the finest European fly tying books to emerge in recent years. The set also includes a DVD which provides interesting angling footage as well as tying instruction.

Featured Pro Staff Member: Eric Stroup

My good friend, Eric Stroup, a highly respected tier and guide from central Pennsylvania, runs an informative web program,
Face Time Fly Fishing. Eric's show features both fly tying instruction and angling footage as well as a live segment every Wednesday.
I find the program very valuable in that it integrates fly tying instruction and fishing techniques with the perspective and experience of a working guide.
Eric presents a riverside lab, so to speak, where the driving aim is always to share ways to net more fish.

*Members of Face Time Fly Fishing
are entitled to free shipping from Performance Flies*

Cinnamon Toast Baetis Nymph

Hook: HANAK Nymph Hook H230BL #16.
Thread: FLY DK 80 Brown.
Beadhead: Copper Tungsten 2.5mm.
Tails: Golden Olive Coq de Leon Fibers.
Ribbing: XFine Copper Wire.
Body: Brown-Olive Condor Substitute.
Thorax: Jan Siman Peacock Dubbing, Peacock Bronze.

Video Demonstration

New Products:

**Euro Dubbing Flights**
In hopes of familiarizing customers with my new dubbing products, I'm offering:
6 Standard-Size Packages of European Dubbings
(my selection of colors)
for $5.95

Metallic Slotted Tungsten Beads

Veevus 30 Denier Fine Gel Spun Thread

Chris Helm's "Griffin" Style
Deer Hair Comb

3 New Colors of Ice Quill Body:
UV Fl. Yellow
UV Pink
UV Chartreuse

Microfoam Cylinders 1.3mm

Jan Siman Magic Shrimp Foil
Latex Strips

Sybai Flash Back Plus Foil

Pearl Braid Rib

Sybai Colored Fine Wires 0.2mm

Fine Flat Pearlescent Tinsels

Fine Flat UV Tinsel

Sybai Holographic Angel Hair

Flash Icelandic Sheep Hair


Lite Brite (Fire Wisteria)

Camel Dubbing (Yellow Ochre)

Fine Diamond Dub (Hot Orange)

Fine Flash Dubbing (Violet)

Catgut Nymphs tied by Lucian Vasies

from the Czech Republic

Pearl Quill Body
from Slovakia IN STOCK in 22 colors

Hends Products CAMOU French Leaders In Stock

C&F Design Fly Tying
Tools, Vises
& Accessories

New UV Film:

New Polish
Quill Colors
Stripped & Dyed Peacock Quills


Tomahawk Fly Tying
Travel Bag

Slovak Ice Quill Body

New Natural Materials:

Woodduck Lemon Flank Feathers
Mallard Flank Feathers
Bronze Mallard Pairs
French Partridge Hackles
Red Grouse Skins & Red Grouse Hackles from Scotland
Ringneck Pheasant Skins (US)
Pheasant Rump Patches (Dyed)
Natural Dun & Natural White Goose CDC
Large Patches (6x6") of Premium Cow and Bull Elk Hair

GUDEBROD 10/0 (45 Denier) Threads

These Gudebrod 10/0 Threads (45 denier) are no longer produced. I was able to obtain them from Chris Helm of Whitetail Fly Tieing Supplies who purchased the remaining spools when Gudebrod discontinued the product. They are dynamite for small fly and midge patterns where unwanted thread bulk is a primary consideration. Ed Engle, author of "Tying Small Flies" wrote "It's a true midge thread, wonderful to tie with. My life is changed."

Giorgio Benecchi Iridescent Threads
New Colors: Blue Peacock, Yellow, Lilac, Olive Rainbow, Orange, and Violet

NEW: 5mm Booby Eye Foam Cylinders.

Available in Black & White. 15 cylinders per package.
Enough to tie 30 flies.

Dohiku Barbless Lake Hook #10

A new nymph blend of alpaca fibers and UV flash. The coarseness of this dubbing makes it suitable for tying buggy flies while the flash fibers lend a subtle glint to any pattern.

"Flash Larva" (Rusty-Orange):

NEW from Giorgio Benecchi Products: Iridescent Thread

NEW: Jack Mickievicz's POLYTEK
Super Fine Poly Dry Fly Dubbing

This new product from Hends is a matte tinsel -- less flashy than typical mylar tinsels. It lends subtle flash as a body, ribbing, and wingcase material and is ideal for patterns fished in low, clear water conditions and for highly pressured fisheries. It is available in 9 colors.

New Polish Quill Color: Green
This new color of stripped & dyed peacock quills is best described as "green-olive". It is not a "caddis-green". Excellent for Baetis/BWO nymph, emerger & dun patterns.

New Tiemco BL Wide Gap Jig Hook

NEW: Hot Orange Slotted Tungsten Beads

NEW: Tungsten Wire

The NEW tungsten wire can be used to rib and to weight fly bodies. It can be used with a bobbin to wrap tapered tungsten underbodies on nymphs, especially mikronymphs and midges. It is available in both Fine and XFine gauges.

NEW: Tungsten Teardrops

Tungsten Teardrops are easily slipped around the bend of a hook, add substantial weight to a pattern, and can be used with or without beadheads. They can be applied to both straight and curved-shank hooks. The 'teardrop' or tapered shape of these slotted weights suggests a nymph profile.
They are available in both gold and black nickel.

Coq de Leon Feather Packs
As an alternative to the more costly saddles, these hand-picked packs include 12 shorter spade feathers & 12 longer saddle feathers. The speckled, glassy, and durable barbs from these Coq birds are ideal for both nymph and dry fly tailing. Natural & Dyed colors.

NEW from Polish Quills: AcrySilk Dubbing

VEEVUS is now in stock

***Performance Flies partners with Veevus Threads from Denmark to distribute their innovative products here in the States***

***Featured Pro Staff Members: Doug Ouellette of Reno, NV and Bryant Compton of Vail, CO***

Doug Ouellette, CALVADA Fly Fishing

Bryant Compton, Vail Valley Anglers

NEW Products:

Natural Materials from Nature's Spirit

Select Pheasant & Golden Pheasant Tails, Premium Goose Biots, Peacock Herl, Mallard Wings, CDC Feathers, Mottled Turkey Flats, Strung Marabou, Turkey Tails, Snowshoe Feet and the Finest Deer, Elk, and Moose Hair available.