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Magnetic Hook Pallet Series CFT-30 Standard CFT-31 Midge CFT-32 Streamer
Our Price: $20.95

•For organizing hooks.
•3 types of foam configurations to match hook size.
•CFA-11 is available separately as a hook picker.
color : C
CFT-175 Rotary Tool Stand
Our Price: $109.95

•Rotary Tool Stand is designed for store fly tying tools
from C & F DESIGN.
•Rotate tool Foam to choose tying tool you like to use.
•Temporally Hanger is for finished flies and unfinished materials.
•3 shaft for bobbin storage.
CFT-165 Tinsel Stand
Our Price: $119.95

•Tinsel is always difficult to handle neatly.
When you use this stand, it makes you organize tinsels so much better.
•Rotate the hanger to choose tinsel you like to use. (Maximum, 24 tinsels can be hanged)
•Tinsels can be used taking off from the hanger but also cut off from the bunch of tinsels as hanged on the hanger.
CFT-177 Rotary Bobbin Tree
Our Price: $119.95

•CFT-177 Rotary Bobbin Tree is designed to fit to bobbins in the market.
•Rotate the bobbin tree to select bobbin which you like to use.
•Bobbin tree can hold up to 60 bobbins.
•Temporally Hanger is great hung finished flies and materials.